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76 Milford News1930-04-046Bride Tells Her Secretwedding
77 Milford News1930-04-1810Silent on his Marriagewedding
78 Milford News1930-05-097Unmarried Irishmenwedding
79 Milford News1930-06-061Former News Editor Wedswedding
80 Milford News1930-06-201Couple Celebrate Golden Weddingwedding
81 Milford News1930-06-203Norway Wedding Feast One to be Rememberedwedding
82 Milford News1930-06-207The Bride's Waywedding
83 Milford News1930-06-273Twine Married 68 Yearswedding
84 Milford News1930-07-041Marriage and Divorce in Utah for 1929wedding
85 Milford News1930-07-045Minersville Girl Marries Kanosh Manwedding
86 Milford News1930-07-102Betty would Marry Reidwedding
87 Milford News1930-07-241Engagement Announcedwedding
88 Milford News1930-07-241Highway Work Starts on Road to Bridgewedding
89 Milford News1930-10-161Married at the County Seatwedding
90 Milford News1930-10-231Wedding Announcedwedding
91 Milford News1930-10-307Pencils Form Wedding Archwedding
92 Milford News1930-11-201Wed at Beaverwedding
93 Milford News1930-11-271R. Luken Surprises Friends by Wedding in Salt Lake Citywedding
94 Milford News1930-11-275Anniversary Dinnerwedding
95 Milford News1930-11-275Mrs. Mills Honored with Bridal Shower at Rickerson Homewedding
96 Milford News1930-12-041Ruth Reveal Marriedwedding
97 Milford News1930-12-045Golden Anniversary Celebration is Held Honoring Beaveriteswedding
98 Milford News1931-01-011Mildred Killam to Wed Howard Joneswedding
99 Milford News1931-01-151First Marriage of Year is at Beaverwedding
100 Milford News1931-02-123Marrying Moneywedding
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