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76 Springville Herald1924-08-081Pneumonia Fatal to Boydeath
77 Springville Herald1924-08-151Funeral for Aged Womandeath
78 Springville Herald1924-08-151Mrs. Christine Nelson to be Buried [Illegible]death
79 Springville Herald1924-08-151Funeral for J. E. Johnsondeath
80 Springville Herald1924-08-151Funeral Held for Lois Minerdeath
81 Springville Herald1924-08-151Funeral Held in Springvilledeath
82 Springville Herald1924-08-281Funeral Services for Mrs. Matsondeath
83 Springville Herald1924-08-281Funeral Held in Springvilledeath
84 Springville Herald1924-09-051Ladies Guests of Kiwaniansdeath
85 Springville Herald1924-09-054Funeral Services Held for Outh of Paysondeath
86 Springville Herald1924-09-121Oldest Woman in Stake Answers Call of Deathdeath
87 Springville Herald1924-09-121Springville Woman Diesdeath
88 Springville Herald1924-09-123Santaquin Youth Dies of Rocky Mountain Feverdeath
89 Springville Herald1924-09-261Funeral Service of Little Childdeath
90 Springville Herald1924-09-264Ladies Republican Clubdeath
91 Springville Herald1924-10-084[Illegible] Weed is Studieddeath
92 Springville Herald1924-10-101Mrs. Bertha Vest Dies at L. D. S. after Operationdeath
93 Springville Herald1924-10-101Last Tribute to W. C. Houtzdeath
94 Springville Herald1924-10-102Woman Dies Suddenly at Hospital in Lehideath
95 Springville Herald1924-10-171Cancer Causes Death of Pleasant Grove Citizendeath
96 Springville Herald1924-10-171Springville Woman Diesdeath
97 Springville Herald1924-10-241Aged Woman Laid to Restdeath
98 Springville Herald1924-10-241Death Calls Mary Nelsondeath
99 Springville Herald1924-10-242Funeral Services for T. T. Jarvisdeath
100 Springville Herald1924-10-311Springville Woman Diesdeath
76 - 100 of 5,469