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76 Roosevelt Standard1920-02-043Kill Gophers in Orchardsdeath
77 Roosevelt Standard1920-02-112Model Spouse Dies at 101; Stayed Home Every Nightdeath
78 Roosevelt Standard1920-02-112Spells Death of Perfect Womendeath
79 Roosevelt Standard1920-02-182To Bring Back Our Dead from Francedeath
80 Roosevelt Standard1920-04-282Is No Longer a Death Sentencedeath
81 Roosevelt Standard1920-07-142Faces Death Boldlydeath
82 Roosevelt Standard1920-08-187The Dead Pastdeath
83 Roosevelt Standard1920-08-252Feuds Kill Town of 1,000death
84 Roosevelt Standard1920-09-012French Gallantry is Deaddeath
85 Roosevelt Standard1920-10-207Just Two Feet to Deathdeath
86 Roosevelt Standard1920-11-031To Kill Limburger Scentdeath
87 Roosevelt Standard1920-12-013Kill Black Knots in Falldeath
88 Roosevelt Standard1920-12-293World's Fattest Woman Diesdeath
89 Roosevelt Standard1921-01-052Crazy Surgeon Kills Woman under Knifedeath
90 Roosevelt Standard1921-01-193Smoker Burned to Death in His Beddeath
91 Roosevelt Standard1921-03-166Discriminatingdeath
92 Roosevelt Standard1921-06-157Chinese May Kill Graftdeath
93 Roosevelt Standard1921-09-142Local Newsdeath
94 Roosevelt Standard1921-09-281A Double Funeraldeath
95 Roosevelt Standard1921-10-196Holds Heart, Patient Diesdeath
96 Roosevelt Standard1921-12-1414Strange Mania for Deathdeath
97 Roosevelt Standard1921-12-1414Howdeath
98 Roosevelt Standard1921-12-213Deadly Weapon of Savagesdeath
99 Roosevelt Standard1922-01-112Hits Wrong Auto Pedal; Goes into Rivers; Diesdeath
100 Roosevelt Standard1922-01-113Dead Sea and Mediterraneandeath
76 - 100 of 1,626