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76 Rich County Reaper1935-03-291Maxine L. Kearl Dies in Salt Lakedeath
77 Rich County Reaper1935-04-193Bear and Hunter Fight Grim Battle to Deathdeath
78 Rich County Reaper1935-07-191Early Resident of Randolph Passes at Blackfoot, Ida.death
79 Rich County Reaper1935-10-111Funeral Service Held for Grandma Sarah J. Hendersondeath
80 Rich County Reaper1935-11-011Potato Digger Causes Death of Ronald Bensondeath
81 Rich County Reaper1935-11-011L. D. S. Church Worker Diesdeath
82 Rich County Reaper1935-11-221"Death after Dark"death
83 Rich County Reaper1935-12-132Death of Dr. J. H. Breasted, Noted Orientalistdeath
84 Rich County Reaper1936-01-101Pioneer Rancher Diesdeath
85 Rich County Reaper1936-01-311Road Supervisor Dies at Ogdendeath
86 Rich County Reaper1936-02-071James W. Kiddy Funeral Helddeath
87 Rich County Reaper1936-02-145Death Valley is Deepest Dry Depression in U. S.death
88 Rich County Reaper1936-04-031Funeral Services for Mary M. Kennedydeath
89 Rich County Reaper1936-04-171Popular Young Legislator Diesdeath
90 Rich County Reaper1936-04-171Woodruff Notesdeath
91 Rich County Reaper1936-04-175Five Army Flyers Die in Crash of Bomberdeath
92 Rich County Reaper1936-04-177Clock in Son's House Stops as His Father Passes Awaydeath
93 Rich County Reaper1936-05-011Death Claims Young Motherdeath
94 Rich County Reaper1936-05-153Executed but Not Deaddeath
95 Rich County Reaper1936-05-291Sage Resident Found Dead in Homedeath
96 Rich County Reaper1936-06-051Many Deer Found Dead on Rangedeath
97 Rich County Reaper1936-07-101Auto Crash Victim Diesdeath
98 Rich County Reaper1936-07-101Mother of Eight Diesdeath
99 Rich County Reaper1936-07-241Funeral Services Held for Pres. John M. Baxterdeath
100 Rich County Reaper1936-07-316Diet of Japanese Beetledeath
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