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76 Piute County News1942-07-311Wesley Greenhalgh Succumbs to Heart Attackdeath
77 Piute County News1941-11-211Attend Funeral Servicesdeath
78 Piute County News1946-12-135Dry Saltdeath
79 Piute County News1947-03-211Last Rites Conducted for Abram Mcintoshdeath
80 Piute County News1939-11-108Revealing Deathdeath
81 Piute County News1948-05-211Funeral Services for Effie E. Applegate Held at Circlevilledeath
82 Piute County News1942-10-231Native of Escalante Buried at Murraydeath
83 Piute County News1942-05-291Irvin B. Barnson Buried at Jucntion Mondaydeath
84 Piute County News1933-04-071Elizabeth R. T. Ricketts Dies in Salt Lakedeath
85 Piute County News1937-06-041Funeral Services for Fullmer Baby Held at Circlevilledeath
86 Piute County News1930-04-251Funeral Services for Marlin Rickdeath
87 Piute County News1932-12-025Marjory Hales Diesdeath
88 Piute County News1931-10-165Mrs. Ellen Managers Passesdeath
89 Piute County News1929-03-083Wanda DeLang Passes Awaydeath
90 Piute County News1931-12-045Adelia Crowe Goulding Passesdeath
91 Piute County News1924-11-285Dead Willingdeath
92 Piute County News1927-01-072Storm Kills 4; Many Made Homelessdeath
93 Piute County News1936-11-271Ole V. Sornsondeath
94 Piute County News1925-09-112Korean Coal Blast Kills Manydeath
95 Piute County News1926-10-224Auto Death Rate Rises in U. S., Figures Showdeath
96 Piute County News1935-07-191J. W. Stokerdeath
97 Piute County News1929-05-241Nay Child Dies of Spinal Menglisdeath
98 Piute County News1926-07-304Heat Adds to Growing Deathsdeath
99 Piute County News1924-11-282J. H. Stephens Diesdeath
100 Piute County News1926-01-086Prominent Salt Laker Diesdeath
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