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76 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-042Gettysburg Veteran Diesdeath
77 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-042Two Men Electrocuteddeath
78 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-043Chines Dies at Age of 149death
79 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-111Leo R. Phipps Called by Deathdeath
80 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-117Many Celebrants Meet Deathsdeath
81 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-181Early Pioneer Lady Summoned by Deathdeath
82 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-181Death Claimed Little Harry Morleydeath
83 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-181Card of Thanksdeath
84 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-182Preferred Death to Workdeath
85 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-252Death Summons Thief-Takerdeath
86 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-252Auto Ran off Bridgedeath
87 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-252Financier Dies in Prison Celldeath
88 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-08-081Laren Allred Summoned by Call of Deathdeath
89 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-08-086Death Preferred to Partingdeath
90 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-08-086Gomez Takes up Gauntlet Thrown down by Castrodeath
91 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-08-086Eighteen Killed in Explosiondeath
92 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-08-156Death Follows in Wake of Stormdeath
93 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-08-291Mrs. Eliza Haws Died at Tetondeath
94 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-08-291Robert Mallinson Meets Sudden Deathdeath
95 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-08-292Braved Death for Small Sumdeath
96 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-08-296"Bull" Young may Diedeath
97 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-09-056Girl Burned to Deathdeath
98 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-09-056Aged Woman Scared to Deathdeath
99 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-09-123Titanic Sailor Deaddeath
100 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-09-126Stabbed to Deathdeath
76 - 100 of 3,751