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76 Morgan County News1935-11-211Death Calls Childdeath
77 Morgan County News1935-11-213Ancient Prize Fighters Had to Battle to Deathdeath
78 Morgan County News1935-12-191Obsequesdeath
79 Morgan County News1936-01-161O. B. Anderson of Henefer Succumbsdeath
80 Morgan County News1936-07-164Dead Snake's Tail Wigglesdeath
81 Morgan County News1936-09-171Veteran U. P. R. R. Employe Dies in Omahadeath
82 Morgan County News1936-11-261Morgan L. D. S. Church Leader is Deaddeath
83 Morgan County News1936-12-104Wm. H. Beard Henefer Man Diesdeath
84 Morgan County News1936-12-171Death Takes Morgan Womandeath
85 Morgan County News1936-12-313Arthur Brisbane, Editor, Dies at 72death
86 Morgan County News1937-01-071Funeral Services for Mar Rich Biesingerdeath
87 Morgan County News1937-01-281Death Claims Salt Lake City Merchantdeath
88 Morgan County News1937-02-046Death Claims Merchant of Davis Countydeath
89 Morgan County News1937-03-043Arthur Brisbane, Editor, Dies at 72death
90 Morgan County News1937-08-261Death Calls Beloved Utah Pioneer Ladydeath
91 Morgan County News1937-08-263Sound Waves Kill Germsdeath
92 Morgan County News1937-09-022Funeral Held for Mrs. Flossie Carter Porterdeath
93 Morgan County News1937-09-161S. B. Dunn's Mother Dies in Alabamadeath
94 Morgan County News1937-09-302Sound Waves Kill Germsdeath
95 Morgan County News1937-10-221Funeral Services Held for Alfred O. Durrantdeath
96 Morgan County News1937-11-124Additions Suggested by Rudolph Honkavaaradeath
97 Morgan County News1937-12-311Morgan Pioneer Dies at Son's Home in Idadeath
98 Morgan County News1938-01-144Car Kills Horse Driver Unhurtdeath
99 Morgan County News1938-06-033Compelled to Kill Squirrelsdeath
100 Morgan County News1938-07-291Morgan Lad Dies in Ogden Hospitaldeath
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