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76 Emery County Progress1908-02-152Land Fraud Sleuth is Deaddeath
77 Emery County Progress1908-03-071Mrs. Elizabeth A. Guymon is Calleddeath
78 Emery County Progress1908-03-072Wife of Senator Cannon Deaddeath
79 Emery County Progress1908-03-142Victims of School Fire Tenderly Laid to Restdeath
80 Emery County Progress1908-03-142Hero Goes to Restdeath
81 Emery County Progress1908-04-046Mrs. Wm. Jorcensen Dies at Clawsondeath
82 Emery County Progress1908-04-181Patriarch Blackburn Calleddeath
83 Emery County Progress1908-05-023General Linevitch Deaddeath
84 Emery County Progress1908-05-092Aged Garibaldian Deaddeath
85 Emery County Progress1908-05-161Calvin W. Moore Calleddeath
86 Emery County Progress1908-05-304Governor Sparks Loses in Fight with Deathdeath
87 Emery County Progress1908-06-271Ex-President Cleveland Deaddeath
88 Emery County Progress1908-08-222Writer of Short Stories for Children Deaddeath
89 Emery County Progress1908-09-052Former Governor of Washington Deaddeath
90 Emery County Progress1908-09-056Colonel Vilas Passes Awaydeath
91 Emery County Progress1908-09-123Frank P. Sargent Summoned by Deathdeath
92 Emery County Progress1908-10-176Death Summons a Castle Dale Young Mandeath
93 Emery County Progress1909-01-021Orangevilledeath
94 Emery County Progress1909-03-066Death of Esteemed Womandeath
95 Emery County Progress1909-03-201A Sad Deathdeath
96 Emery County Progress1909-03-201Andrew Rasmussen Passed Away Wednesdaydeath
97 Emery County Progress1909-04-101A Faithful Mother Passes to Great Beyonddeath
98 Emery County Progress1909-05-012Great Silver Advocate Succumbs to Operationdeath
99 Emery County Progress1909-05-221A Noble Mother Passes Awaydeath
100 Emery County Progress1909-07-101Oldest Woman in Castledale Passes Awaydeath
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