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76 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-03-131New Machine for the Pyramid a Beautiful Birthday Presentbirth
77 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-03-208Birthsbirth
78 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-03-271Birthsbirth
79 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-04-038Birthsbirth
80 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-04-108Celebrates 33rd Birthdaybirth
81 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-04-248Birthsbirth
82 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-016The Infant Classbirth
83 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-081Death Claims Infantbirth
84 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-06-193Was Born in Prussiabirth
85 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-06-261Infant Summoned by Final Call of Deathbirth
86 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-06-263Proud ,Glad Timebirth
87 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-07-031Celebrates 96th Birthdaybirth
88 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-07-101Independence Day a Quiet Holidaybirth
89 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-07-245Birthsbirth
90 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-09-048Birthsbirth
91 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-235Birthsbirth
92 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1915-01-087Born Diplomatbirth
93 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1915-01-151Celebrated 69th Birthdaybirth
94 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1915-02-0512Birthsbirth
95 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1915-02-268Birthsbirth
96 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1915-03-263In the Season of Rebirthbirth
97 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1915-04-161Celebrates his 85th Birthdaybirth
98 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1915-04-301Celebrates 60th Birthdaybirth
99 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1915-05-071Birthsbirth
100 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1915-05-281Local Newsbirth
76 - 100 of 1,215