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76 Vernal Express1941-01-091Birthdays of the Weekbirth
77 Vernal Express1941-01-164Charles W. Graham Celebrates 82nd Birthday at Maeserbirth
78 Vernal Express1941-01-168Mother of Hill Creek Rancher Celebrates 90th Birthdaybirth
79 Vernal Express1941-02-061Second Ward Stars to Play Negro Ghosts on Lincoln's Birthdaybirth
80 Vernal Express1941-02-061Notable Birthdaysbirth
81 Vernal Express1941-02-131Birthdays of the Weekbirth
82 Vernal Express1941-02-131Birthdays of the Weekbirth
83 Vernal Express1941-02-271Birthdays of the Weekbirth
84 Vernal Express1941-02-277Baby 'Missing' at Own Birth in Snowdriftbirth
85 Vernal Express1941-03-068John T. Pope Honored on 81st Birthday Sundaybirth
86 Vernal Express1941-03-278Hospital Newsbirth
87 Vernal Express1941-04-034Hospital Newsbirth
88 Vernal Express1941-04-108Hospital Newsbirth
89 Vernal Express1941-04-175Hospital Newsbirth
90 Vernal Express1941-04-247Hospital Newsbirth
91 Vernal Express1941-05-011Hospital Newsbirth
92 Vernal Express1941-05-084Pioneer Ashley Valley Mother Celebrates 87th Birthday Wednesdaybirth
93 Vernal Express1941-06-124Pioneer of Famous Mormon Trek Celebrates 83rd Birthday at Naplesbirth
94 Vernal Express1941-06-198Notable Birthdaysbirth
95 Vernal Express1941-07-038Hospital Newsbirth
96 Vernal Express1941-07-104Hospital Newsbirth
97 Vernal Express1941-07-248Hospital Newsbirth
98 Vernal Express1941-07-318Hospital Newsbirth
99 Vernal Express1941-08-074Hospital Newsbirth
100 Vernal Express1941-08-145Hospital Newsbirth
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