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76 South High Scribe1941-10-173Alumni Surveyarticle
77 South High Scribe1941-10-173'My Sister and I' are Many at Southarticle
78 South High Scribe1941-10-173Social Arts Members Elect Virginia Hammondarticle
79 South High Scribe1941-10-173Cartoonist Reg Manning Questioned by Reporterarticle
80 South High Scribe1941-10-173Dear Concerned"article
81 South High Scribe1941-10-173Students' Poetry Deadline Givenarticle
82 South High Scribe1941-10-173Look! Mirrors!article
83 South High Scribe1941-10-173Radio Presents Teachers' Phrasesarticle
84 South High Scribe1941-10-174page
85 South High Scribe1941-10-174unclassified
86 South High Scribe1941-10-174advertisement
87 South High Scribe1941-10-174Seniors Gird for Clash Against Hilltop Rivalsarticle
88 South High Scribe1941-10-174Backfield Sparkarticle
89 South High Scribe1941-10-174Midget Blitzkreig Routs Leopardsarticle
90 South High Scribe1941-10-174Grid Squads Elect Captainsarticle
91 South High Scribe1941-10-174Panther's Upset Cubsarticle
92 South High Scribe1941-10-174Eciders Massacre Junior Griddersarticle
93 South High Scribe1941-10-174South Records Five Wins in Pre-Season Grid Tiltsarticle
94 South High Scribe1941-10-174Where No Man Roamsarticle
95 South High Scribe1941-11-07issue
96 South High Scribe1941-11-071page
97 South High Scribe1941-11-071masthead
98 South High Scribe1941-11-071"Mom and Me" Masqurade at Festivalarticle
99 South High Scribe1941-11-071Judges Announce School Play Castarticle
100 South High Scribe1941-11-071Debaters Assemble on Campusarticle
76 - 100 of 1,644