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76 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1910-11-079advertisement
77 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1910-11-0710advertisement
78 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1911-10-151Women Will Try to Purify Cityarticle
79 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1911-10-155Board Issues Many Diplomasarticle
80 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1912-08-2610At the Theatresarticle
81 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1912-08-273Eachers Assigned to Year's Dutiesarticle
82 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1912-09-104Societyarticle
83 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1912-11-0310Will Give Joint Ballarticle
84 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1912-11-172Societywedding
85 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1912-12-0811article
86 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1913-01-195Women's Clubsarticle
87 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1913-03-186Women's Clubs to Workarticle
88 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1913-04-117Democrats Will Honor Birthday of Jeffersonarticle
89 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1913-07-202Societyarticle
90 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1913-08-267Assignment of Salt Lake Public School Teachers for Year 1913-14 Announced by Board of Educationarticle
91 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1915-04-092Daughters of Pioneersarticle
92 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1915-04-1128Utah Bourbons Boom Wilson Second Termarticle
93 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1915-04-245Societyarticle
94 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1915-05-213Teachers in Public Schools Re-Employedarticle
95 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1915-06-178Societyarticle
96 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1915-07-226New Teachers in City Schoolsarticle
97 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1915-08-138Davis Schools to Try Six-and-Six Systemarticle
98 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1915-08-1414Suffragets Will Meetarticle
99 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1915-08-2911Teachers Assigned in Cache County Schoolsarticle
100 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1915-08-3010Grade Teachers for Year Are Announcedarticle
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