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76 Pleasant Grove Review1929-09-145Funeral Services for Eugene S. Henriod Largely Attendeddeath
77 Pleasant Grove Review1929-09-211Oscar Alvin Hansen Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
78 Pleasant Grove Review1929-09-215Impressive Funeral Services Held for A. W. Buckwalterdeath
79 Pleasant Grove Review1929-09-281Funeral Services for Isaac Canham Held Sunday in Tabernacledeath
80 Pleasant Grove Review1929-09-285Esther Chestnut Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
81 Pleasant Grove Review1929-10-051Myrtle Thorne Cutler Dies after Long Illnessdeath
82 Pleasant Grove Review1929-10-051Funeral Services Held for Henry Smithdeath
83 Pleasant Grove Review1929-10-055Impressive Funeral Services Held for Mrs. N. H. Heiseltdeath
84 Pleasant Grove Review1929-10-121Impressive Funeral Services Held for Amelia Boulterdeath
85 Pleasant Grove Review1929-10-121James Nerdin Dies at St. Marks Hospitaldeath
86 Pleasant Grove Review1929-10-128Alpine Newsdeath
87 Pleasant Grove Review1929-10-195Lions Ladies Night October 31stdeath
88 Pleasant Grove Review1929-10-195Mouse Brought Deathdeath
89 Pleasant Grove Review1929-10-195Funeral Services Held Thursday for John Crookstondeath
90 Pleasant Grove Review1929-10-265Lions Ladies Night Social next Thursday to be Big Affairdeath
91 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-021Mrs. Julia Ann Zufelt Diesdeath
92 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-021Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Della Murphydeath
93 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-025Impressive Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Mary Ann Winndeath
94 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-025Ruth Kelly Dies in Idaho following Short illnessdeath
95 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-026Funeral Services Held in Idaho for James H. Steeledeath
96 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-091Elizabeth Beers Dies in California -- Buried Heredeath
97 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-091Mrs. Bengta Jenson Dies Suddenlydeath
98 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-091[Illegible] Houston Dies in Californiadeath
99 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-095Funeral Services for John Hosking Largely Attendeddeath
100 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-095Robinson Youth Dies from Gunshot Wounddeath
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