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76 Piute County News1928-11-021John N. Holtby Funeral Servicesdeath
77 Piute County News1928-11-301Morris Hatch Diesdeath
78 Piute County News1928-12-073Mrs. J. M. Riddle Dies at Richfielddeath
79 Piute County News1928-12-141Mrs. Burt Johnson Buried at Auroradeath
80 Piute County News1928-12-141Tom Haycock of Panguitch Passesdeath
81 Piute County News1929-01-111Funeral Services for Ellis Howesdeath
82 Piute County News1929-01-111Funeral Services for Ida Howesdeath
83 Piute County News1929-01-116George Bucker One of Arizona's Pioneers Dies in 89th Yeardeath
84 Piute County News1929-02-011Funeral Services for Maggie Crowedeath
85 Piute County News1929-02-151Anthony Soyka Passes Peacefully after Long Illnessdeath
86 Piute County News1929-02-153John E. White Passes Awaydeath
87 Piute County News1929-03-011Pearl Helquist Butterfield Dies of Spinal Mengitiesdeath
88 Piute County News1929-03-013Joseph Jorgensen Jr. Dies at Ordervilledeath
89 Piute County News1929-03-013Mrs. Marioni Manwill Diesdeath
90 Piute County News1929-03-083Edward Longley Dies at Mammothdeath
91 Piute County News1929-03-083Wanda DeLang Passes Awaydeath
92 Piute County News1929-03-221Funeral Services for Wanda Delangedeath
93 Piute County News1929-03-223John Kinney Diesdeath
94 Piute County News1929-03-291Funeral Services for Arnold Alveydeath
95 Piute County News1929-03-291Funeral Services for Richard Tarlton Lewisdeath
96 Piute County News1929-04-261Governor William Spry Literally Dies in the Harnessdeath
97 Piute County News1929-05-031Elmer Jorgensen, Former Widtsoe Bishop Dies at Rooseveltdeath
98 Piute County News1929-05-173Passed Awaydeath
99 Piute County News1929-05-241Nay Child Dies of Spinal Menglisdeath
100 Piute County News1929-06-213Margaret W. Peacock Rites Held at Pricedeath
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