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76 News Advocate1920-07-221Will M'Dermaid Crushed in Minedeath
77 News Advocate1920-09-021Mrs. Biddle Diesdeath
78 News Advocate1920-10-071George T. Olsen is Death Victimdeath
79 News Advocate1920-10-281William S. Jones Victim Apoplexy Sectiondeath
80 News Advocate1920-11-181Robert Graham Deaddeath
81 News Advocate1921-01-271Charles Larson Diesdeath
82 News Advocate1921-02-031Killed at Scofielddeath
83 News Advocate1921-02-241Charles Buckio Diesdeath
84 News Advocate1921-02-246Robert A. Powelldeath
85 News Advocate1921-03-246Carbon County Pioneer Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
86 News Advocate1921-04-211Death Removes a Splendid Citizendeath
87 News Advocate1921-05-126Father of Former Residents is Deaddeath
88 News Advocate1921-09-015Mrs. Kimball Diesdeath
89 News Advocate1921-09-081Death Relieves Mrs. Olson; All City Mourns Loss of an Estimable Womandeath
90 News Advocate1921-09-291Ben Ludwig Takes Life; Melancholia Sectiondeath
91 News Advocate1921-11-2410Scofield Hero Dead Sectiondeath
92 News Advocate1922-01-191Prominent Citizen of Emery County Diesdeath
93 News Advocate1922-03-168Aged Lady Diesdeath
94 News Advocate1922-03-231Aged Father Diesdeath
95 News Advocate1922-03-231An Honored Pioneer is Called to Last Rewarddeath
96 News Advocate1922-06-228Former Bishop Evans of Castle Gate Diesdeath
97 News Advocate1922-07-201Lee Backlund Passes Away; Ill a Long Timedeath
98 News Advocate1922-09-281Another Pioneer of Price Passes Beyonddeath
99 News Advocate1922-09-282L. H. Curtis, Prominent in Coal Circles, Diesdeath
100 News Advocate1922-11-021John Pace Diesdeath
76 - 100 of 393