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76 Morgan County News1940-03-011Death Calls Mrs. Eliza Ann Francis Hopkin, Age 65death
77 Morgan County News1946-12-067Walker Diesdeath
78 Morgan County News1950-08-041Ogden Youth Dies after Pool Injurydeath
79 Morgan County News1936-07-164Dead Snake's Tail Wigglesdeath
80 Morgan County News1941-05-021Veteran Rail Man Dies at Park City Last Fridaydeath
81 Morgan County News1951-08-311Little Funeral Held Here Last Thursdaydeath
82 Morgan County News1930-07-317Kill Red Mitesdeath
83 Morgan County News1951-05-251Mrs. Florence, 79 Passed Away Sunday, May 13death
84 Morgan County News1950-06-022Kill Athletes Foot "T4l Best Seller" Says... Ulrich Drug Storedeath
85 Morgan County News1949-12-021Morgan Relative Dies in Crashdeath
86 Morgan County News1937-10-221Funeral Services Held for Alfred O. Durrantdeath
87 Morgan County News1946-07-262Kills 820 Rats in 24 Hoursdeath
88 Morgan County News1938-06-033Compelled to Kill Squirrelsdeath
89 Morgan County News1950-02-035Former Morgan Resident Died Saturdaydeath
90 Morgan County News1954-12-241Highways Have Become a Death Symboldeath
91 Morgan County News1944-01-284Richvilledeath
92 Morgan County News1950-06-301Provo Man Found Dead Wed. in Trailer Homedeath
93 Morgan County News1939-07-281John Beesley, 77, Dies in Pocatellodeath
94 Morgan County News1939-10-061Death Calls Mrs. Sarah A. Toonedeath
95 Morgan County News1954-04-231Bray Funeral to be Held This Thursdaydeath
96 Morgan County News1930-02-061George Roberts, Sr., Dies at Home in Heneferdeath
97 Morgan County News1942-03-061Japanese National Found Dead in Echodeath
98 Morgan County News1938-11-041Former Morgan Co. Lady Dies in Ogdendeath
99 Morgan County News1938-11-181Mrs. Walter D. Perry Dies in Rock Springsdeath
100 Morgan County News1941-03-213Seven Killed, 9 Injured, in Plane Crashdeath
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