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76 Iron County Record1915-12-032Six Are Found Deaddeath
77 Iron County Record1915-12-178Missouri Statesman Deaddeath
78 Iron County Record1915-12-242Found Dead in Beddeath
79 Iron County Record1915-12-246Former Governor Deaddeath
80 Iron County Record1916-02-252Dies at Age of 95death
81 Iron County Record1916-03-311Mrs. Edgar Foster Deaddeath
82 Iron County Record1916-04-216Bob Burman Burieddeath
83 Iron County Record1916-04-282Circus Giant Diesdeath
84 Iron County Record1916-04-286Last Indian Slave Deaddeath
85 Iron County Record1916-05-056Benjamin Fay Mills Deaddeath
86 Iron County Record1916-05-126Rescuer Meets Deathdeath
87 Iron County Record1916-05-126Woman Jumps to Deathdeath
88 Iron County Record1916-07-282Famous English Scientist Deaddeath
89 Iron County Record1916-07-282James Whitcomb Riley Deaddeath
90 Iron County Record1916-07-282Ex-Senator Patterson Deaddeath
91 Iron County Record1916-08-042Pioneer Utah Banker Deaddeath
92 Iron County Record1916-08-049Japanese Vice Admiral Deaddeath
93 Iron County Record1917-01-196Old Property Man is Deaddeath
94 Iron County Record1917-06-012Trouble with Calf Scoursdeath
95 Iron County Record1917-06-158Mrs. John Ford, Deaddeath
96 Iron County Record1917-11-231Harry Davis Called by Deathdeath
97 Iron County Record1918-03-153Death is Caused by Typhoid Feverdeath
98 Iron County Record1918-06-071Local Newsdeath
99 Iron County Record1918-11-151R. S. Gardner's Narrow Escape from Deathdeath
100 Iron County Record1920-02-138Mrs. O. A. Martin Dies of Pneumonia at Pueblodeath
76 - 100 of 5,950