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76 Grand Valley Times1908-02-146Land Fraud Sleuth is Deaddeath
77 Grand Valley Times1908-02-286Classmate of Kingdeath
78 Grand Valley Times1908-02-288Diamond Weddingdeath
79 Grand Valley Times1908-03-201John Lastus Dies at Pricedeath
80 Grand Valley Times1908-04-176Floods in Chinadeath
81 Grand Valley Times1908-04-246Noted Indian Guide Deaddeath
82 Grand Valley Times1908-04-246Loses in Race with Deathdeath
83 Grand Valley Times1908-05-018Father of Mrs Nix Diesdeath
84 Grand Valley Times1908-05-221Brother of Jos. Moore Diesdeath
85 Grand Valley Times1908-06-052Former Senator Jones of Arkansas is Deaddeath
86 Grand Valley Times1908-06-052Lee Summoned by Crim Reaperdeath
87 Grand Valley Times1908-07-102Murat Halstead Deaddeath
88 Grand Valley Times1908-07-108Grandma Hurley Diesdeath
89 Grand Valley Times1908-09-042Confederate Veteran Passes Awaydeath
90 Grand Valley Times1908-09-042Former Governor of Washington Deaddeath
91 Grand Valley Times1908-10-162Stophen a Douglas Deaddeath
92 Grand Valley Times1908-10-301Oldest Citizen Passes Awaydeath
93 Grand Valley Times1908-11-066Mrs. William Astor Deaddeath
94 Grand Valley Times1909-02-122Death of a Man Who Dareddeath
95 Grand Valley Times1909-03-051Death of Mrs. Mooredeath
96 Grand Valley Times1909-03-192General Palmer Deaddeath
97 Grand Valley Times1909-04-306Great Silver Advocate Succumbs to Operationdeath
98 Grand Valley Times1909-05-212Noted Novelist Deaddeath
99 Grand Valley Times1909-09-172Railroad King Deaddeath
100 Grand Valley Times1909-10-156Dudley Buck Deaddeath
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