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76 Garland Globe1906-10-272Death and Destructiondeath
77 Garland Globe1906-10-272Scores Go down to Deathdeath
78 Garland Globe1906-10-277Wife of Jeff Davis Deaddeath
79 Garland Globe1906-11-032Tourist Suicides in Chicagodeath
80 Garland Globe1906-11-101Death of Bishop Secristdeath
81 Garland Globe1906-11-102Congressman Hoar Deaddeath
82 Garland Globe1906-11-102Scalded to Deathdeath
83 Garland Globe1906-11-102Dramatic Suicide of Soldierdeath
84 Garland Globe1906-11-171Three Funeralsdeath
85 Garland Globe1906-11-176Dies of Joy over Letterdeath
86 Garland Globe1906-11-242Young Woman is Beaten to Death with Piece of Iron Pipedeath
87 Garland Globe1906-12-011Death of Mrs. McMutriedeath
88 Garland Globe1906-12-012Woman Burned to Death by Explosion of Lampdeath
89 Garland Globe1906-12-087Hunter Meets Tragic Deathdeath
90 Garland Globe1906-12-087Herder Frozen to Deathdeath
91 Garland Globe1906-12-157Oldest Engineer Deaddeath
92 Garland Globe1906-12-222Gillette Sentenced to Deathdeath
93 Garland Globe1906-12-297Famous Band Leader Deaddeath
94 Garland Globe1907-01-051Death of Dudley W. Stonedeath
95 Garland Globe1907-01-051Died Tuesdaydeath
96 Garland Globe1907-01-121Death of Mrs. Fred Coombsdeath
97 Garland Globe1907-02-098Senator's Widow Dies from Griefdeath
98 Garland Globe1907-02-162Veteran is Frozen to Deathdeath
99 Garland Globe1907-02-231Death of W. H. Parkedeath
100 Garland Globe1907-03-021Dies of Bronchitisdeath
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