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76 Eastern Utah Advocate1905-06-225Mrs. Andrew Madsen Dies at Mt. Pleasantdeath
77 Eastern Utah Advocate1905-07-204Funeral of J. B. Mathis Held at Huntingtondeath
78 Eastern Utah Advocate1905-09-213H. H. Earll Passes Away at Scofield Last Mondaydeath
79 Eastern Utah Advocate1905-12-072Mrs. Sarah Williams is Dead at Salt Lake Citydeath
80 Eastern Utah Advocate1905-12-077Mrs. G. M. Whitmore Passes Away at Nedeath
81 Eastern Utah Advocate1906-02-153Passing of Another of the Pioneers of Utahdeath
82 Eastern Utah Advocate1906-02-157Mrs. Louis Allant Dies at Scofielddeath
83 Eastern Utah Advocate1906-02-225The Mother of Don C. Robbins Passes Awaydeath
84 Eastern Utah Advocate1906-03-011The Mother of Twenty-Five Children is Deaddeath
85 Eastern Utah Advocate1906-05-243Major William H. Bird Dies at Salt Lake Citydeath
86 Eastern Utah Advocate1906-05-243Thomas Kearney Passes Away at Salt Lake Citydeath
87 Eastern Utah Advocate1906-08-098Argentina's Grand Old Mandeath
88 Eastern Utah Advocate1906-09-135Funeral of William Reister at Junctiondeath
89 Eastern Utah Advocate1907-05-021The Colorado Cannibal Deaddeath
90 Eastern Utah Advocate1907-05-023James E. Howard Dies Monday of Consumptiondeath
91 Eastern Utah Advocate1907-07-111Obituarydeath
92 Eastern Utah Advocate1907-09-266Ben Hogenkamp is Dead at Helperdeath
93 Eastern Utah Advocate1907-09-267William Harrison Dies This Morningdeath
94 Eastern Utah Advocate1907-10-035Mrs. Mary Empey Phelps Laid at Rest Sundaydeath
95 Eastern Utah Advocate1907-12-125Funeral of Mrs. Kelsey Late of Price, at Logandeath
96 Eastern Utah Advocate1908-04-235Passing of Mrs. Edward Stewartdeath
97 Eastern Utah Advocate1908-06-041Senator James K. Jones Passes Very Suddenlydeath
98 Eastern Utah Advocate1908-06-255James Tidwell is Dead at Moronideath
99 Eastern Utah Advocate1908-07-021She's Good Old Indian Girl Nowdeath
100 Eastern Utah Advocate1908-07-161Tom Woodruff Passes Awaydeath
76 - 100 of 173