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76 Cache Valley Clarion1942-01-225Trousseau Tea Honors Recent Bridewedding
77 Cache Valley Clarion1942-01-228Parents Announce Friday Marriagewedding
78 Cache Valley Clarion1942-01-228Two Parties Honor Recent Bridewedding
79 Cache Valley Clarion1942-01-293Mr. and Mrs. L. Packer Tells Daughter's Marriagewedding
80 Cache Valley Clarion1942-01-293January Wedding Made Knownwedding
81 Cache Valley Clarion1942-02-051Miss Betty Parkinson is Bride of Marlow Palmerwedding
82 Cache Valley Clarion1942-02-051Popular Maid is Married Last Weekwedding
83 Cache Valley Clarion1942-02-055Bridge Foursome Given at Poage Homewedding
84 Cache Valley Clarion1942-02-055Dayton Couple Married in Salt Lake Citywedding
85 Cache Valley Clarion1942-02-055Mink Creek Miss Married Wednesdaywedding
86 Cache Valley Clarion1942-02-264Children Commemorate Wedding Anniversarywedding
87 Cache Valley Clarion1942-02-264Archibald-Tomassi Wedding Mondaywedding
88 Cache Valley Clarion1942-02-264Miss Ione Rich is Married to Don Dalleywedding
89 Cache Valley Clarion1942-02-264November Marriage Made Known Herewedding
90 Cache Valley Clarion1942-03-123Temple Marriage is Planned by Couplewedding
91 Cache Valley Clarion1942-03-266Mr. and Mrs. Malmberg Announce Niece's Marriagewedding
92 Cache Valley Clarion1942-03-266Parents Announce Daughter's Marriagewedding
93 Cache Valley Clarion1942-03-266Parents Attend Son's Marriage Saturdaywedding
94 Cache Valley Clarion1942-03-266Family Attends Wedding of Noel Condiewedding
95 Cache Valley Clarion1942-04-036Coming Marriage of Popular preston Couple Anouncedwedding
96 Cache Valley Clarion1942-04-036Informal Trousseau Tea Honors April Bridewedding
97 Cache Valley Clarion1942-04-095Entire Posterity Attends 50th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Hawkeswedding
98 Cache Valley Clarion1942-04-095Kenneth Smith Weds Texas Girlwedding
99 Cache Valley Clarion1942-04-163Popular Young Couple to Wed Monday, April 20wedding
100 Cache Valley Clarion1942-04-163Miss Doris Carter to be Married in Junewedding
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