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76 Beaver Press1909-03-051Death of an Aged Pioneerdeath
77 Beaver Press1909-03-053Kills Would be Slayerdeath
78 Beaver Press1909-03-053Near Death in Big Ponddeath
79 Beaver Press1909-03-121Deaths of Presidentsdeath
80 Beaver Press1909-03-122Declares Killing Accidentaldeath
81 Beaver Press1909-03-123Near Death in Big Ponddeath
82 Beaver Press1909-03-123"The Little Boy That Died."death
83 Beaver Press1909-03-126Kills Would be Slayerdeath
84 Beaver Press1909-03-192General Palmer Deaddeath
85 Beaver Press1909-03-193Near Death in Big Ponddeath
86 Beaver Press1909-03-195To Kill an Evil Odordeath
87 Beaver Press1909-03-196Kills Would be Slayerdeath
88 Beaver Press1909-03-263Near Death in Big Ponddeath
89 Beaver Press1909-03-265Water Tanks Burstdeath
90 Beaver Press1909-03-268Kills Would be Slayerdeath
91 Beaver Press1909-04-022Governor Cosgrove Deaddeath
92 Beaver Press1909-04-022Kidnapers Killeddeath
93 Beaver Press1909-04-022Kiss of Patient Killed Nursedeath
94 Beaver Press1909-04-023How Irving Wanted to Diedeath
95 Beaver Press1909-04-028'' I'd Rather Die, Doctordeath
96 Beaver Press1909-04-092Killed While Fleeing from Arrestdeath
97 Beaver Press1909-04-092Meets Death in Flamesdeath
98 Beaver Press1909-04-095Condemned Murderer Was Slowly Choked to Deathdeath
99 Beaver Press1909-04-232Preferred Death to Investigationdeath
100 Beaver Press1909-04-235Was Determined to Diedeath
76 - 100 of 823