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76 American Fork Citizen1914-09-195Former Resident Buried in Lehideath
77 American Fork Citizen1914-09-261Mrs. Greenland Buried Heredeath
78 American Fork Citizen1914-10-031Funeral of Alex Steggelldeath
79 American Fork Citizen1914-10-037Funeral Services for Jeppa Nielsondeath
80 American Fork Citizen1914-10-107Miss Olive West Diesdeath
81 American Fork Citizen1914-10-174Nye Baby Burieddeath
82 American Fork Citizen1914-10-177Lindon Young Man Dies in Idahodeath
83 American Fork Citizen1914-10-177Last Rites for Miss Westdeath
84 American Fork Citizen1914-10-177Funeral Services for Hensen Walkerdeath
85 American Fork Citizen1914-10-241Former Mayor Dies in American Forkdeath
86 American Fork Citizen1914-10-244Estimable Woman Dies in Lehideath
87 American Fork Citizen1914-10-244Funeral Services for Enos Jacksondeath
88 American Fork Citizen1914-10-247Funeral Services for Albert Wrightdeath
89 American Fork Citizen1914-10-317Death of Wadley Babydeath
90 American Fork Citizen1914-11-074Prof. Hopkins Father Dies at Kanoshdeath
91 American Fork Citizen1914-11-074Baker Child Buried in Lehideath
92 American Fork Citizen1914-11-074Mrs. Ola Larson Diesdeath
93 American Fork Citizen1914-11-216Funeral Services for Isaac Whimpeydeath
94 American Fork Citizen1914-11-284Mrs. Isaac Alfred Dies in Blackfootdeath
95 American Fork Citizen1914-11-284George E. Davis Passes Awaydeath
96 American Fork Citizen1914-11-286Davis Funeral Sundaydeath
97 American Fork Citizen1914-12-051Joseph Walker Passes Awaydeath
98 American Fork Citizen1914-12-054Amos Rhodes Passes Awaydeath
99 American Fork Citizen1914-12-054Barne's Baby Diesdeath
100 American Fork Citizen1914-12-054Funeral Services for George Davisdeath
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