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751 Salt Lake Telegram1919-07-172Plan Big Welcome for Utah Soldiersarticle
752 Salt Lake Telegram1919-07-1716Predicts Approval of Suffrage Amendmentarticle
753 Salt Lake Tribune1919-07-2735Simplicity to be Note in Wedding of Interestwedding
754 Ogden Daily Standard1919-08-0110Utah War Heroes to Receive Recognitionarticle
755 Salt Lake Telegram1919-08-016advertisement
756 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-08-142Women Made First League among Nationsarticle
757 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-08-163Committee Chooses Ex-Soldiers' Souvenirarticle
758 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-08-1914Women Will Form S. L. League Brancharticle
759 Salt Lake Tribune1919-08-2411Assignments Announced for Teachers and Pupils in City Public Schoolsarticle
760 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-08-268Certificates Selected as Hero Tributearticle
761 Salt Lake Telegram1919-08-2612War Mothers Plan Stirring Welcome for Their Sonsarticle
762 Salt Lake Telegram1919-09-0616In the World of Societyarticle
763 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-09-074Loganarticle
764 Salt Lake Tribune1919-09-0762Social Notes from Intermountain Townsarticle
765 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-09-2014Salt Lake Bids S. A. Maginnis Hopeful Adieuarticle
766 Salt Lake Telegram1919-09-202Friends Bid Good Luck and Godspeed to S. A. Maginnisarticle
767 Ephraim Enterprise1919-09-274Special Session of Utah Legislaturearticle
768 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-09-291Utah Legislature Meets Today; Steel Strike Battle Tightensarticle
769 Salt Lake Telegram1919-09-295Name Woman to Introduce Suffrage Measurearticle
770 Salt Lake Telegram1919-09-2916Suffrage Ratified by Senate of Utaharticle
771 Salt Lake Telegram1919-09-3011Amendment for Suffrage Passed by Utah Housearticle
772 Salt Lake Telegram1919-10-042Governor Signs Suffrage Billarticle
773 Salt Lake Tribune1919-10-0560Societyarticle
774 Salt Lake Telegram1919-10-1116Calendared Social Eventsarticle
775 Salt Lake Tribune1919-10-207[Illegible] Named for Electionarticle
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