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51 San Juan Record1919-03-055Blanding Pagearticle
52 San Juan Record1919-03-055Stray Shotsarticle
53 San Juan Record1919-03-056page
54 San Juan Record1919-03-056unclassified
55 San Juan Record1919-03-056advertisement
56 San Juan Record1919-03-056Ludendorff Ready to Quit in 1917article
57 San Juan Record1919-03-056A. Mitchell Palmerarticle
58 San Juan Record1919-03-056Political Strikes Affect Germanyarticle
59 San Juan Record1919-03-056Decides Against an Extra Sessionarticle
60 San Juan Record1919-03-056Aid for Short Line Routesarticle
61 San Juan Record1919-03-056Should Aid Returning Soldiersarticle
62 San Juan Record1919-03-056Watch for Airquakesarticle
63 San Juan Record1919-03-056Unemployment Cause of Alarmarticle
64 San Juan Record1919-03-056South American Trade Growingarticle
65 San Juan Record1919-03-056Strength of bone and Oakarticle
66 San Juan Record1919-03-056Palmer and Hapgood Chosenarticle
67 San Juan Record1919-03-056Kaiser Appeals for Casharticle
68 San Juan Record1919-03-056Objectors Spurn Army Payarticle
69 San Juan Record1919-03-056Back of Reclamation Projectarticle
70 San Juan Record1919-03-056House Demands Baker's Reportarticle
71 San Juan Record1919-03-056Proclaim Dictator Regime in Bavariaarticle
72 San Juan Record1919-03-056Six Billion Dollar Tax Bill Signedarticle
73 San Juan Record1919-03-056Fraternal Bodies Organize Congressarticle
74 San Juan Record1919-03-056Suffrage for North Carolinaarticle
75 San Juan Record1919-03-056Chaos If Plans Fallarticle
51 - 75 of 8,434