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51 San Juan Record1930-08-073Cuban Death Penaltiesarticle
52 San Juan Record1930-08-073Need for Long Triparticle
53 San Juan Record1930-08-073Humor in Frenchman's Suitarticle
54 San Juan Record1930-08-073The Universal Lamentarticle
55 San Juan Record1930-08-073Reciprocationarticle
56 San Juan Record1930-08-073The Situationarticle
57 San Juan Record1930-08-073Well Wornarticle
58 San Juan Record1930-08-074page
59 San Juan Record1930-08-074unclassified
60 San Juan Record1930-08-074advertisement
61 San Juan Record1930-08-074Of Local Interestarticle
62 San Juan Record1930-08-14issue
63 San Juan Record1930-08-141page
64 San Juan Record1930-08-141unclassified
65 San Juan Record1930-08-141advertisement
66 San Juan Record1930-08-141Bids for East Road to be Opened Aug. 25article
67 San Juan Record1930-08-141Haller Oil Well is Causing a Stirarticle
68 San Juan Record1930-08-141Auto Accidentarticle
69 San Juan Record1930-08-141Red Cross Emergency Aid Services Show Gainsarticle
70 San Juan Record1930-08-141Bayles and Partyarticle
71 San Juan Record1930-08-141Voters Should See That They Are Registeredarticle
72 San Juan Record1930-08-141Blanding Departmentarticle
73 San Juan Record1930-08-141Educational Campaign on Taz Revision Planarticle
74 San Juan Record1930-08-141Escaped Prisoner is Caught in New Mexicoarticle
75 San Juan Record1930-08-141Petition Circulated for Change of Stationarticle
51 - 75 of 13,873