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51 Millard County Chronicle1940-05-161Marriedwedding
52 Millard County Chronicle1940-05-231Former Deltan Married in Payette, Idaho, May 9wedding
53 Millard County Chronicle1940-05-231Announce Marriagewedding
54 Millard County Chronicle1940-05-231To be Married in Provowedding
55 Millard County Chronicle1940-05-231Marriedwedding
56 Millard County Chronicle1940-05-238Married in Salt Lake Citywedding
57 Millard County Chronicle1941-05-015Bride of Teh Week Honored at Showerwedding
58 Millard County Chronicle1941-05-084Wedding Announcedwedding
59 Millard County Chronicle1941-05-085Bride's Parents Announce Marriagewedding
60 Millard County Chronicle1941-05-085Married in Fillmorewedding
61 Millard County Chronicle1941-05-085Married in Fillmorewedding
62 Millard County Chronicle1941-05-085Married in Nephiwedding
63 Millard County Chronicle1941-05-088Wedding Reception for Newly Wedded Couplewedding
64 Millard County Chronicle1941-05-158Marriage Announcedwedding
65 Millard County Chronicle1941-05-225Parents Announce Engagement of Daughterwedding
66 Millard County Chronicle1941-05-225Marriage Announcedwedding
67 Millard County Chronicle1941-05-295Young Couple Wed at Home Ceremonywedding
68 Millard County Chronicle1941-05-295Married in Manti Templewedding
69 Millard County Chronicle1942-05-145Bride Honored at Trousseau Teawedding
70 Millard County Chronicle1942-05-145Married in Vicksburgwedding
71 Millard County Chronicle1943-05-278Announce Marriage...wedding
72 Millard County Chronicle1944-05-111Anniversary Programwedding
73 Millard County Chronicle1944-05-111Married in Salt Lakewedding
74 Millard County Chronicle1944-05-185Enjoys Skating Partywedding
75 Millard County Chronicle1944-05-188Hinckley Couple Observe 50th Anniversarywedding
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