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51 Millard County Chronicle1944-01-061wedding
52 Millard County Chronicle1944-01-131Double Wedding Ceremony at Salt Lakewedding
53 Millard County Chronicle1944-01-131Will Celebrate Golden Weddingwedding
54 Millard County Chronicle1944-01-201Capt. Edward L. Gardner Weds in S. L. Templewedding
55 Millard County Chronicle1944-01-201Oasis Couple Celebrates Golden Weddingwedding
56 Millard County Chronicle1944-01-205Marriage Told...wedding
57 Millard County Chronicle1944-01-275Wedding Showerwedding
58 Millard County Chronicle1945-01-045Marriage Announcedwedding
59 Millard County Chronicle1945-01-115Wedded in Salt Lakewedding
60 Millard County Chronicle1945-01-118Wedding Reception . .wedding
61 Millard County Chronicle1945-01-185Wedding Announcedwedding
62 Millard County Chronicle1945-01-255Announce Marriagewedding
63 Millard County Chronicle1945-01-255Marriage Announced..wedding
64 Millard County Chronicle1946-01-035Engagement of Young Deltans is Announcedwedding
65 Millard County Chronicle1946-01-035Make Announcement of Engagementwedding
66 Millard County Chronicle1946-01-035Are Married at Home Ceremony Fridaywedding
67 Millard County Chronicle1946-01-035Married in Fillmorewedding
68 Millard County Chronicle1946-01-107Announce Marriagewedding
69 Millard County Chronicle1946-01-107Marriage Announcedwedding
70 Millard County Chronicle1946-01-175Marriage is Announcedwedding
71 Millard County Chronicle1946-01-175Are Honored at Wedding Receptionwedding
72 Millard County Chronicle1946-01-175To be Married Thursday in Manti Templewedding
73 Millard County Chronicle1946-01-175Couple Married in Californiawedding
74 Millard County Chronicle1946-01-178Married in Manti Temple on Dec. 21, 1945wedding
75 Millard County Chronicle1946-01-311Engagement Announcedwedding
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