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51 Rich County Reaper1938-04-291Ruth Hunterwedding
52 Rich County Reaper1938-04-291Marriageswedding
53 Rich County Reaper1938-05-271Young Woodruff Couple Wedwedding
54 Rich County Reaper1938-05-271Young Couple Marriedwedding
55 Rich County Reaper1938-06-031Wedding Dance Givenwedding
56 Rich County Reaper1938-09-231Young Couple Wedwedding
57 Rich County Reaper1938-10-211Golden Wedding Celebratedwedding
58 Rich County Reaper1938-11-111Wedding Recption and Dance Heldwedding
59 Rich County Reaper1939-01-061U. S. Mail Carrier Married at Kaysvillewedding
60 Rich County Reaper1939-01-061Velma Kiddy Marriedwedding
61 Rich County Reaper1939-02-171Wedding Dance and Reception is Heldwedding
62 Rich County Reaper1939-06-161Young Couple Married at Loganwedding
63 Rich County Reaper1939-06-231Wedding Bellswedding
64 Rich County Reaper1939-06-301Wedding Bells to Ring Againwedding
65 Rich County Reaper1939-08-251Wedding Dance and Reception Heldwedding
66 Rich County Reaper1939-09-291Randolph Girl Wedswedding
67 Rich County Reaper1939-11-031Wedding Receptionwedding
68 Rich County Reaper1939-11-241Announce Marriage of Hazel Robinsonwedding
69 Rich County Reaper1940-02-098Marriageswedding
70 Rich County Reaper1940-03-081Young Couple Wedwedding
71 Rich County Reaper1940-03-081Wedding Reception Heldwedding
72 Rich County Reaper1940-03-151Young Coupe Announce Their Wedding Dancewedding
73 Rich County Reaper1940-03-151Wedding Dance Heldwedding
74 Rich County Reaper1940-04-051Wedding Dance Heldwedding
75 Rich County Reaper1940-04-051Two Randolph Girls Wedwedding
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