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51 Parowan Times1939-01-271Funeral Services Held for Respected Womandeath
52 Parowan Times1940-01-121Services Held Sunday for Summit Accident Victimdeath
53 Parowan Times1940-01-191Native of This City Dies at San Bernardinodeath
54 Parowan Times1940-01-261Orton Youth Dies from Heart Ailmentdeath
55 Parowan Times1941-01-031Funeral Services Held for La Preal Sabin Warddeath
56 Parowan Times1942-01-021Former Game Warden Dies at Cedar City Homedeath
57 Parowan Times1942-01-021Funeral Services Held Here for Donald Greendeath
58 Parowan Times1942-01-091Attend Funeral for Truck Victim in Beaver Thursdeath
59 Parowan Times1942-01-091Respected Woman Dies; Funeral Services Mondaydeath
60 Parowan Times1942-01-161Services Held for Mrs. Emily Daltondeath
61 Parowan Times1943-01-011Child Dies When it Gets Peanut in it Throatdeath
62 Parowan Times1943-01-088Funeral Services Held for Welfare Dept. Headdeath
63 Parowan Times1943-01-291Emily H. Lowder Dies at Age of 102 Yearsdeath
64 Parowan Times1943-01-291Alice Green Benson Dies in Los Anglesdeath
65 Parowan Times1943-01-291Summit Woman Dies following Long Illnessdeath
66 Parowan Times1944-01-141Aged Resident Passes; is Buried on Mondaydeath
67 Parowan Times1945-01-051Former Resident Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
68 Parowan Times1945-01-058Paragonah Departmentdeath
69 Parowan Times1945-01-261Prominent Cedar Woman Dies after Years Illnessdeath
70 Parowan Times1945-01-261Aged Temple Worker Buried at Paragonahdeath
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