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51 Roosevelt Standard1919-04-092Drown 50 Serbs in Church Welldeath
52 Roosevelt Standard1919-04-162Kills Big Bald Eagledeath
53 Roosevelt Standard1919-04-303Horticultural Advicedeath
54 Roosevelt Standard1919-04-303Kill Insects in Orchardsdeath
55 Roosevelt Standard1919-04-307Poachers Kill off Big Gamedeath
56 Roosevelt Standard1919-07-091A Living Monument to Our Dead Heroesdeath
57 Roosevelt Standard1919-07-097Dead Statutedeath
58 Roosevelt Standard1919-07-231Death of Alex Huntdeath
59 Roosevelt Standard1919-07-233Dressed to Kill in "Shell-Cloth."death
60 Roosevelt Standard1919-07-302Second Dead Sea off English Coastdeath
61 Roosevelt Standard1919-07-302Reminders of Our Dead in Pershing Squaredeath
62 Roosevelt Standard1919-08-131J. P. Jacobson Deaddeath
63 Roosevelt Standard1919-09-173Carefully Kill All Weedsdeath
64 Roosevelt Standard1919-09-176Home-Made Auto Kills Mandeath
65 Roosevelt Standard1919-10-152Japanese Film Censors Kill Thousands of Kissesdeath
66 Roosevelt Standard1919-10-225A Divorce Killerdeath
67 Roosevelt Standard1919-10-292Brave Death to Serve Armeniansdeath
68 Roosevelt Standard1919-11-197Hundreds of Deer Killed This Seasondeath
69 Roosevelt Standard1919-12-102Grasshoppers next Seasondeath
70 Roosevelt Standard1919-12-179Plan to Kill Chinch Bugsdeath
71 Roosevelt Standard1919-12-179To Kill Grasshopper Eggsdeath
72 Roosevelt Standard1919-12-312Death Laid to Evil Spiritsdeath
73 Roosevelt Standard1920-01-078The Dead Seadeath
74 Roosevelt Standard1920-01-142Greets His "Dead" Buddydeath
75 Roosevelt Standard1920-01-282Searching for Graves of Their Deaddeath
51 - 75 of 1,626