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51 Rich County Reaper1931-09-185Frown on Lion Hunters Killing from Airplanesdeath
52 Rich County Reaper1931-10-091Prominent Citizen Dies of Heart Attackdeath
53 Rich County Reaper1931-11-135"Death Drums" Roll in Honor of Indian Bravedeath
54 Rich County Reaper1932-07-154Club Horses Killed by Lightningdeath
55 Rich County Reaper1932-08-121Black Bear Killed near Randolphdeath
56 Rich County Reaper1933-05-121Alvin G. Harris Dies in Hospitaldeath
57 Rich County Reaper1933-05-261Prominent Rich County Rancher Dies at Salt Lakedeath
58 Rich County Reaper1933-06-091Mrs. G. H. Proffit of Evanston Diesdeath
59 Rich County Reaper1933-07-071Body of Dead Man Found at Grangerdeath
60 Rich County Reaper1933-07-072Tree Bands Kill Wormsdeath
61 Rich County Reaper1933-07-281Preston Youth Killed by Moter Boatdeath
62 Rich County Reaper1933-08-042"Lanterns of the Dead"death
63 Rich County Reaper1933-09-291Killed by Filipinosdeath
64 Rich County Reaper1934-01-261Bert Eastman Dies Suddenlydeath
65 Rich County Reaper1934-05-184Measles Cause Many Deathsdeath
66 Rich County Reaper1934-05-251Utah Man is Killed at Evanston Depotdeath
67 Rich County Reaper1934-05-251Peter M. Clawson Dies Suddenlydeath
68 Rich County Reaper1934-06-011Funeral Held for Peter Clawsondeath
69 Rich County Reaper1934-06-291Almy Pioneer Diesdeath
70 Rich County Reaper1934-07-201Funeral Services for Sister Jennet Nichollsdeath
71 Rich County Reaper1934-08-172Clever Coyotes Finally Killed by U. S. Huntersdeath
72 Rich County Reaper1934-08-173Kill Lice as They Hatchdeath
73 Rich County Reaper1935-01-254Gold Rush Will Disturb Ancient Village Deaddeath
74 Rich County Reaper1935-03-151Mrs. Sarah Syme Dies Wednesdaydeath
75 Rich County Reaper1935-03-291Funeral Service Held for Wilson Babydeath
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