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51 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-02-287When the Sun will Diedeath
52 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-03-071Deathsdeath
53 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-03-075Deathsdeath
54 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-03-211Ralph Norman Meets Death Accidentallydeath
55 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-03-211Deathsdeath
56 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-04-041Mrs. Jense Sorensen Died at Spring Citydeath
57 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-04-111Deathsdeath
58 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-04-115Death of Annie Christine Christensendeath
59 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-04-181Margarethe Christena Rolfson Peacefully Died at Her Homedeath
60 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-04-185Deathsdeath
61 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-04-252Control Green Apple Aphisdeath
62 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-05-021Minnie Wahlin Died at Salt Lake Citydeath
63 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-05-077Even in Deathdeath
64 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-05-161Deathsdeath
65 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-05-162Hear Voice of Dead Frienddeath
66 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-05-231Niels Peter Nielson Died at Indianoladeath
67 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-05-231Funeral of Mrs. Hans Lunddeath
68 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-05-233Buried in Wicker Coffindeath
69 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-06-134Deathsdeath
70 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-06-207Broken Heart Caused Deathdeath
71 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-06-208Deathsdeath
72 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-06-272Parisian Celebrity Diesdeath
73 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-06-272Kidnapers Escape Death Penaltydeath
74 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-042Former Brazilian President Deaddeath
75 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-042Duke of Sutherland Deaddeath
51 - 75 of 3,751