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51 Morgan County News1935-03-071Morgan Lady Killed by Auto near Homedeath
52 Morgan County News1935-03-141Death Angel Calls Popular Young Mandeath
53 Morgan County News1935-03-141Rosetta Grover Monson Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
54 Morgan County News1935-03-211Death Calls Infantdeath
55 Morgan County News1935-04-044Automobile Accidentsdeath
56 Morgan County News1935-04-184Death Calls Beloved Pioneer Ladydeath
57 Morgan County News1935-04-184Death Calls Childdeath
58 Morgan County News1935-05-021James Henry Tucker Funeral, Saturday, May 4death
59 Morgan County News1935-05-021Death Calls Former Pioneer Resident of Morgandeath
60 Morgan County News1935-05-231Death Calls Former Morgan County Ladydeath
61 Morgan County News1935-05-234William Darcey Killed in Echo Dam Accidentdeath
62 Morgan County News1935-05-301Gilbert Hardy Accidentally Killed at the Cement Plantdeath
63 Morgan County News1935-05-303Dead Leaves Decompose, Make Good Top-Dressingdeath
64 Morgan County News1935-06-061Mrs. Elizabeth Craig Deaddeath
65 Morgan County News1935-06-201Walter M. Boyden Called by Deathdeath
66 Morgan County News1935-06-274Obsequesdeath
67 Morgan County News1935-06-274Obsequesdeath
68 Morgan County News1935-07-111Death Angel Calls Loved Pioneer Ladydeath
69 Morgan County News1935-07-111Henefer Pioneer Diesdeath
70 Morgan County News1935-07-111Henefer Lady Dies in Idahodeath
71 Morgan County News1935-07-181Obsequesdeath
72 Morgan County News1935-08-081Att'y George M. Sullivan Dies Friday near Morgandeath
73 Morgan County News1935-09-191Thomas F. Wright Dies in S. L. Hospital, Heart Attackdeath
74 Morgan County News1935-09-261Death Calls Heber Anderson of Miltondeath
75 Morgan County News1935-10-244Former City Councilman Dies of Heart Attackdeath
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