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51 Lehi Sun1921-01-137Hymn Writer Diesdeath
52 Lehi Sun1921-01-204Death Sentence for Stealing Fooddeath
53 Lehi Sun1921-01-207Fordney Bill is Deaddeath
54 Lehi Sun1921-01-271Mother of Large Family Called by Deathdeath
55 Lehi Sun1921-01-271William R. Yates Diesdeath
56 Lehi Sun1921-01-275Student Commits Suicidedeath
57 Lehi Sun1921-02-031Peterson Babe Burieddeath
58 Lehi Sun1921-02-031Drops Dead in His Homedeath
59 Lehi Sun1921-02-031Double Funeraldeath
60 Lehi Sun1921-02-034Trivialities Cause Suicidedeath
61 Lehi Sun1921-02-035Rear Admiral Taussig Deaddeath
62 Lehi Sun1921-02-035Bed ridden Man Burned to Deathdeath
63 Lehi Sun1921-02-035Eleven Meet Death in Hoteldeath
64 Lehi Sun1921-02-101Services for Mrs. Cedarstrom and Young Babydeath
65 Lehi Sun1921-02-101Funeral Services for L. V. Larsendeath
66 Lehi Sun1921-02-105Boundary Commissioner Diesdeath
67 Lehi Sun1921-02-108Makin Baby Diesdeath
68 Lehi Sun1921-02-108William Lewis Buried Heredeath
69 Lehi Sun1921-02-108Former Lehi Teacher Diesdeath
70 Lehi Sun1921-02-175Holds Japan for Death of Sailorsdeath
71 Lehi Sun1921-02-241Andreason Babe Diesdeath
72 Lehi Sun1921-02-245Suicide Aids Europe's Needydeath
73 Lehi Sun1921-02-245Wife Slayer Starves to Deathdeath
74 Lehi Sun1921-03-101Mrs. Orson Lott Buried at American Forkdeath
75 Lehi Sun1921-03-101Babe to be Buried Heredeath
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