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51 Beaver County News1917-11-091Beaver Co. Ladies may Serve Nationdeath
52 Beaver County News1917-11-166Never a Chance to Diedeath
53 Beaver County News1917-12-076Ladies Swimming Class Reorganizeddeath
54 Beaver County News1917-12-148Death of Mrs Follanddeath
55 Beaver County News1917-12-211Death Relieves his Sufferingdeath
56 Beaver County News1917-12-281Death Claims Methodist Pastor by Pneumoniadeath
57 Beaver County News1918-01-111Two Miners Meet Horrible Deathdeath
58 Beaver County News1918-01-252Baby Diesdeath
59 Beaver County News1918-02-011Esteemed Lady Well Known Dies in Ohiodeath
60 Beaver County News1918-02-012Called to Toquerville by Death of Fatherdeath
61 Beaver County News1918-02-151Died Early this Morningdeath
62 Beaver County News1918-03-153No Race Suicide in this Herddeath
63 Beaver County News1918-04-192Death Comes to Mining Magnatedeath
64 Beaver County News1918-06-071The Death of D. A. Websterdeath
65 Beaver County News1918-07-121Mrs. Hatton Passes Awaydeath
66 Beaver County News1918-07-121Death of G. W. Martindeath
67 Beaver County News1918-08-025Hymn Writer Dead a 84death
68 Beaver County News1918-08-093Phthisis as Deadly as Wardeath
69 Beaver County News1918-08-096Heavens, What a Fatedeath
70 Beaver County News1918-08-162Commander who Sant Lusitania Deaddeath
71 Beaver County News1918-08-162Kansas Oil Man Drops Deaddeath
72 Beaver County News1918-08-232Six Killed in Rail Wrecksdeath
73 Beaver County News1918-08-233Defects Spell Death in Flyingdeath
74 Beaver County News1918-08-307Steampipe Bursts, Kills [Illegible]death
75 Beaver County News1918-09-206Flip of Coin Leads to Death over Theredeath
51 - 75 of 2,060