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51 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-045Canada's Birthdaybirth
52 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-111Nation's Birthday Observed in a Generous Stylebirth
53 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-07-111Birthsbirth
54 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-09-191Local Newsbirth
55 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-09-193Old Webser Homebirth
56 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-09-194Birthsbirth
57 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-09-194Local Newsbirth
58 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-10-034Birthsbirth
59 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-10-171Birthsbirth
60 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-10-241Birthsbirth
61 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-10-311Death Claims Infantbirth
62 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-11-075Celebrates 50th Birthdaybirth
63 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-11-144Celebrates 79th Birthdaybirth
64 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-11-211Birthsbirth
65 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-11-281Birthsbirth
66 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-023President Celebrates Birthdaybirth
67 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-162Causes of Declining Birth Ratebirth
68 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-233Sneeze "Born Full Grown"birth
69 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-234Grandma Staker Celebrates 90th Birthdaybirth
70 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-234Local Newsbirth
71 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-235Local Newsbirth
72 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-236Celebrate Lee's Birthdaybirth
73 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-301[Illegible] 68th Birthdaybirth
74 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-061Fountain Greenbirth
75 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-138Local Newsbirth
51 - 75 of 1,215