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51 Sugar House Bulletin1943-06-183Sulfa Drugs Reduce Influenza Death Ratedeath
52 Sugar House Bulletin1943-07-168death
53 Sugar House Bulletin1943-08-068Bedtime Storydeath
54 Sugar House Bulletin1943-10-013This Bazooka Toots Death at Axis Tanksdeath
55 Sugar House Bulletin1943-10-2242,000.000 Jews Slain by Nazisdeath
56 Sugar House Bulletin1943-11-053Hundreds Die Daily in Indian Faminedeath
57 Sugar House Bulletin1943-12-241Funeral Held for Business Mandeath
58 Sugar House Bulletin1944-01-2151944 Death Trap Set for Nazisdeath
59 Sugar House Bulletin1944-02-111Two Million Frenchmen Killed or Died in Wardeath
60 Sugar House Bulletin1944-03-173Outstanding Miler Relaxes at Studiesdeath
61 Sugar House Bulletin1944-03-281Pioneer Dies in Provo Homedeath
62 Sugar House Bulletin1944-03-282Death of 91-Year-Old California Author Recalls How He, as Young Army Lieutenant, Recorded for Posterity Famous Speech of a Great Indian Chiefdeath
63 Sugar House Bulletin1944-04-072Dies Probe ?death
64 Sugar House Bulletin1944-04-267Queens Die Proudlydeath
65 Sugar House Bulletin1944-04-284Unending Allied Air Offensive Blasts Nazi's Western Defenses, Railroads; Lag Seen in Farm Machinery Output; Dutch East Indies Bombed by Britishdeath
66 Sugar House Bulletin1944-04-285Private with Appetite Also has Three Buddiesdeath
67 Sugar House Bulletin1944-04-287Queens Die Proudlydeath
68 Sugar House Bulletin1944-05-057Queens Die Proudlydeath
69 Sugar House Bulletin1944-05-097Queens Die Proudlydeath
70 Sugar House Bulletin1944-05-121Hold Funeral Servicesdeath
71 Sugar House Bulletin1944-05-127Queens Die Proudlydeath
72 Sugar House Bulletin1944-05-197Queens Die Proudlydeath
73 Sugar House Bulletin1944-05-261L D S Patriarch Funeral to be Held Saturdaydeath
74 Sugar House Bulletin1944-05-261If Stars Roam, It's your Eyesdeath
75 Sugar House Bulletin1944-05-267Queens Die Proudlydeath
51 - 75 of 331