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51 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-131The Dead Cardinaldeath
52 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-133A Shower of Dead Birdsdeath
53 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-141Viewing the Dead Cardinaldeath
54 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-141Caught on the Flydeath
55 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-164Dieddeath
56 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-201Death of Mr. Haydeath
57 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-221Death of Morris Franklyndeath
58 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-241An Episcopal Bishop Deaddeath
59 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-261How Olivier Paine Dieddeath
60 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-294Dieddeath
61 Salt Lake Democrat1885-11-021Died from Inattentiondeath
62 Salt Lake Democrat1885-11-024Death at the Quarrydeath
63 Salt Lake Democrat1885-11-041Burned to Death in Jaildeath
64 Salt Lake Democrat1885-11-044Death of Retta Haskelldeath
65 Salt Lake Democrat1885-11-062Funeraldeath
66 Salt Lake Democrat1885-11-121Death of a Prominent Boston Mandeath
67 Salt Lake Democrat1885-11-131A Dead Heat for Great Stakesdeath
68 Salt Lake Democrat1885-11-164Sudden Death of Miss Victoria Dill Worthdeath
69 Salt Lake Democrat1885-11-194Died from His Injuriesdeath
70 Salt Lake Democrat1885-11-274Sudden Deathdeath
71 Salt Lake Democrat1885-11-274Death of Rev. G. W. Leonarddeath
72 Salt Lake Democrat1885-11-281The Funeral Arrangements Completeddeath
73 Salt Lake Democrat1885-11-284Death of Mrs. Fanny Hoytdeath
74 Salt Lake Democrat1885-11-284Funeral of Rev. G. W. Leonarddeath
75 Salt Lake Democrat1885-11-301Frozen to Death in the Mountainsdeath
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