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51 News Advocate1918-07-256William J. Seely Taken by Deathdeath
52 News Advocate1918-08-291Will M'Comb is Dead in Francedeath
53 News Advocate1918-10-178J. W. Witthause Deaddeath
54 News Advocate1918-10-241Nora Williams Dies Suddenlydeath
55 News Advocate1918-11-078Will Dugmore Deaddeath
56 News Advocate1919-01-164Young Soldier Deaddeath
57 News Advocate1919-02-201Charles Howard Gibbs Dies after Short Illness; Was High in Esteemdeath
58 News Advocate1919-04-241Death Removes Former Sheriffdeath
59 News Advocate1919-05-011Mrs. Ericksen Diesdeath
60 News Advocate1919-06-125Aged Man Diesdeath
61 News Advocate1919-06-125Thomas Forster is Crushed to Deathdeath
62 News Advocate1919-07-101Many Deeply Mourn Sudden Death of W. G. Sharp; Large Factor Heredeath
63 News Advocate1919-07-171Death Removes Beloved Womandeath
64 News Advocate1919-09-116Beloved Woman Deaddeath
65 News Advocate1919-11-135Beloved Woman Suddenly Takendeath
66 News Advocate1919-12-251Former Price Girl Stricken by Deathdeath
67 News Advocate1920-01-011A Faithful is Called Forestdeath
68 News Advocate1920-01-151Arthur Redd Diesdeath
69 News Advocate1920-01-221Thomas Hadley Diesdeath
70 News Advocate1920-03-181R. O. Rasmussen is Called by Deathdeath
71 News Advocate1920-05-066Isaac Glaser Dies at the Family Homedeath
72 News Advocate1920-06-101A. Z. Marshall of Wellington Diesdeath
73 News Advocate1920-06-101John Powell, Jr., is Death Victimdeath
74 News Advocate1920-06-171Orven Rich Meets an Untimely Deathdeath
75 News Advocate1920-07-221Mrs. J. C. Berglund is Summoned by Deathdeath
51 - 75 of 393