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51 Milford News1928-12-215Melba Ashworth Claimed by Deathdeath
52 Milford News1928-12-216Dies in Barber Chair at Cedardeath
53 Milford News1929-01-041Dies following a Long Illnessdeath
54 Milford News1929-01-041Minersville Home Visited by Deathdeath
55 Milford News1929-01-044Keith Burt Funeraldeath
56 Milford News1929-01-046Trial Engagements among Remedies for the Present High Divorce Ratedeath
57 Milford News1929-01-113Sheriff of Grand County Diesdeath
58 Milford News1929-01-185Oscar Limb Dies at Pioche of Fludeath
59 Milford News1929-01-185Death Takes Sisterdeath
60 Milford News1929-02-011Died at Lehideath
61 Milford News1929-02-011Old Time Resident of Milford Diesdeath
62 Milford News1929-02-015Death Calls James Skinner at Provodeath
63 Milford News1929-02-151Mrs. L. R. Fournier Died at Richfielddeath
64 Milford News1929-03-081Death Overtakes Abe Fotheringhamdeath
65 Milford News1929-03-151Outzens' Baby Daughter Diesdeath
66 Milford News1929-03-151Death Comes into the Imai Homedeath
67 Milford News1929-03-156Dixie Tribe Mourns Death of Memberdeath
68 Milford News1929-03-228The Death of Slade Hancockdeath
69 Milford News1929-03-293Ladies Aiddeath
70 Milford News1929-03-294Panguitch Mechanic Dies by own Handdeath
71 Milford News1929-04-053Veteran Engineer Lies near Deathdeath
72 Milford News1929-04-124Veteran Engineer Taken by Deathdeath
73 Milford News1929-04-191Death Comes to Mrs. Anna Glenndeath
74 Milford News1929-04-191Gillins Funeral Rites are Helddeath
75 Milford News1929-04-191Doctor Hunte is Cut down by Reaper's Scythedeath
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