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51 Iron County Record1914-05-157Death from Pneumoniadeath
52 Iron County Record1914-05-228Famous Nurse Diesdeath
53 Iron County Record1915-01-016Archbishop Riordan Deaddeath
54 Iron County Record1915-01-016Old Indian Fighter Deaddeath
55 Iron County Record1915-01-016Noted Philanthropist Deaddeath
56 Iron County Record1915-01-229General Stoessel Deaddeath
57 Iron County Record1915-01-291Death of Aged Pioneerdeath
58 Iron County Record1915-01-293Aged Woman Sculptor Diesdeath
59 Iron County Record1915-01-293Alaska Senator Diesdeath
60 Iron County Record1915-02-192James Creelman Deaddeath
61 Iron County Record1915-02-197Funeral of Mrs. Betsy Munforddeath
62 Iron County Record1915-03-122Ex-Senator Deaddeath
63 Iron County Record1915-03-192Count Witte Deaddeath
64 Iron County Record1915-04-306Picture Comedian Deaddeath
65 Iron County Record1915-05-071Mrs. Mary C. Goddard Deaddeath
66 Iron County Record1915-05-072Famous Sitka Rector Deaddeath
67 Iron County Record1915-05-072Pittsburg Editor Diesdeath
68 Iron County Record1915-05-216Michigan Banker Diesdeath
69 Iron County Record1915-05-216Happy Hogan is Deaddeath
70 Iron County Record1915-06-046Bucknam Pasha Deaddeath
71 Iron County Record1915-08-132General Tracy Deaddeath
72 Iron County Record1915-08-201Mrs. Durham is Deaddeath
73 Iron County Record1915-10-222Sir Lionel Carden Deaddeath
74 Iron County Record1915-11-052Blanche Walsh Deaddeath
75 Iron County Record1915-11-052Ex-Senator Stewart Deaddeath
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