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51 Garland Globe1908-04-116Flirt, Court, Wed by Wirewedding
52 Garland Globe1908-04-116Eskimos Married on Trialwedding
53 Garland Globe1908-05-092A Royal Weddingwedding
54 Garland Globe1908-06-135Previous Engagementwedding
55 Garland Globe1908-06-201June Weddingswedding
56 Garland Globe1908-06-271Married in Loganwedding
57 Garland Globe1908-07-111Married in Ogdenwedding
58 Garland Globe1908-08-016Wed by Sign Languagewedding
59 Garland Globe1908-08-151Married in Salt Lake Timplewedding
60 Garland Globe1908-09-191Peach Day Marriageswedding
61 Garland Globe1908-09-261Married in Brighamwedding
62 Garland Globe1908-09-262Simple Wedding for Millionairewedding
63 Garland Globe1908-10-103Make Marriage Harmoniouswedding
64 Garland Globe1908-11-211Married in Salt Lake Templewedding
65 Garland Globe1908-11-212Wedding of Young Bryan to be Delayed for a Yearwedding
66 Garland Globe1908-12-121Wedding Bellswedding
67 Garland Globe1908-12-191Married in the Salt Lake Templewedding
68 Garland Globe1908-12-268Married in Brighamwedding
69 Garland Globe1909-01-091Married in Salt Lakewedding
70 Garland Globe1909-02-131Married in Brighamwedding
71 Garland Globe1909-02-132Married in Brighamwedding
72 Garland Globe1909-02-271Married in Logan Templewedding
73 Garland Globe1909-03-201Married in Salt Lake Templewedding
74 Garland Globe1909-04-101Wedding Bellswedding
75 Garland Globe1909-04-241Married in Salt Lake Templewedding
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