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51 Garland Globe1906-08-182Fought Duel to Deathdeath
52 Garland Globe1906-08-182Woman to Die on Scafforddeath
53 Garland Globe1906-08-252Death Claimed Two Veteransdeath
54 Garland Globe1906-08-252Lewis Morrison is Deaddeath
55 Garland Globe1906-08-258Many Deaths on Railroadsdeath
56 Garland Globe1906-09-082Veteran Nebraska Editor Found Dead in Roomdeath
57 Garland Globe1906-09-082Death Roll is Longdeath
58 Garland Globe1906-09-151Death of Bertha Campbelldeath
59 Garland Globe1906-09-152Aeronaut Dashed to Deathdeath
60 Garland Globe1906-09-153Beating of Dead Heartsdeath
61 Garland Globe1906-09-222Wife of Pennsylvania Farmer Beaten to Death with Hatchetdeath
62 Garland Globe1906-09-222Trepoff Dies Natural Deathdeath
63 Garland Globe1906-09-224Death of Man-Eating Tigerdeath
64 Garland Globe1906-09-226Triumphed Even over Deathdeath
65 Garland Globe1906-09-226Insist upon Deathdeath
66 Garland Globe1906-10-061Died at Fieldingdeath
67 Garland Globe1906-10-061Funeral Servicesdeath
68 Garland Globe1906-10-067Died in Westminster Abbeydeath
69 Garland Globe1906-10-067Aunt Mary's "Quiet" Funeraldeath
70 Garland Globe1906-10-131Died of Diphtheriadeath
71 Garland Globe1906-10-133Fine Dog is Stung to Death by Angry Beesdeath
72 Garland Globe1906-10-201Died Wednesdaydeath
73 Garland Globe1906-10-202Death in Strange Mannerdeath
74 Garland Globe1906-10-202Noted Evangelist Succumbs to Heart Failure While on Traindeath
75 Garland Globe1906-10-271Died at Logandeath
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