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51 Beaver Press1908-10-095Richest Woman in Canada Dies at Age of Eightydeath
52 Beaver Press1908-10-162Stephen a Douglas Deaddeath
53 Beaver Press1908-10-164Died in Quarantine Prisondeath
54 Beaver Press1908-10-231A Sad Deathdeath
55 Beaver Press1908-11-064Mrs. William Astor Deaddeath
56 Beaver Press1908-11-202Chinese Emperor Dead and Dowager is Dyingdeath
57 Beaver Press1908-11-202Dowager Empress Deaddeath
58 Beaver Press1908-11-272Youths Kill Aged Mendeath
59 Beaver Press1908-11-272Tragic Death of Heroic Minersdeath
60 Beaver Press1908-12-041A Sad Deathdeath
61 Beaver Press1908-12-042Youth Kills Stepfatherdeath
62 Beaver Press1908-12-048Marked for Deathdeath
63 Beaver Press1908-12-235Marked for Deathdeath
64 Beaver Press1909-01-016Killed Man with Axdeath
65 Beaver Press1909-01-082Murder or Suicide?death
66 Beaver Press1909-01-083Famous Mexican Soldier Deaddeath
67 Beaver Press1909-01-154Four Burned to Deathdeath
68 Beaver Press1909-01-157Used Dead Man to Conceal His Crimedeath
69 Beaver Press1909-01-157Tennessee Night Riders Convicted of Murderdeath
70 Beaver Press1909-01-292For Men Meet Death in Onrushing Avalanchedeath
71 Beaver Press1909-01-294Face Death by Fire and Waterdeath
72 Beaver Press1909-02-123Soldier Balks Death Plotdeath
73 Beaver Press1909-02-123Killing off Savage Sied Dogsdeath
74 Beaver Press1909-02-191Death of an Aged Pioneerdeath
75 Beaver Press1909-02-262Means Death to the Racing Gamedeath
51 - 75 of 823