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701 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-2014Plan Monument to Irrigationarticle
702 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-212First Session of League to Open Tonightarticle
703 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-2212Realms of Red Cross and Clubsarticle
704 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-232Elaborate Dance for Service Men Plannedarticle
705 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-233West's Clubwomen Vote for League of Nationsarticle
706 Salt Lake Tribune1919-02-237page
707 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-255Home Dance Given Forfightersarticle
708 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-2510Senators Split over Insurance Found Problemarticle
709 Salt Lake Tribune1919-02-259page
710 Millard County Chronicle1919-02-2713Legislative Notesarticle
711 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-273State Insurance Monopoly Voted down in Senatearticle
712 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-2810Woman Presides over Utah Senatearticle
713 Salt Lake Tribune1919-03-014Senate Raises Pay of Utah Land Boardarticle
714 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-0114Land Board Bill is Amendedarticle
715 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-03-0213Amberger Sends Senate [Illegible]article
716 Salt Lake Tribune1919-03-035Many Marriage Licenses Issuedwedding
717 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-03-0410'Missus Speaker'article
718 Beaver County News1919-03-053Legislative Notesarticle
719 Piute Chieftain1919-03-067Legislative Notesarticle
720 Davis County Clipper1919-03-077Legislative Notesarticle
721 Emery County Progress1919-03-082page
722 Salt Lake Tribune1919-03-1122Utah Solons Feted by U. of U. Facultyarticle
723 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-1112Assembly Hall is Promised to U. of U.article
724 Utah Daily Chronicle1919-03-131Assembly Filled with Students in Honor of Solonsarticle
725 Gunnison Gazette1919-03-142Lobbyists Cause Uproar in Housearticle
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