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676 Piute Chieftain1919-01-163Legislature Sessionarticle
677 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-1613Senate-Committee Appointments Announcedarticle
678 Salt Lake Tribune1919-01-1610page
679 Gunnison Gazette1919-01-176Utah Legislature Now in Sessionarticle
680 Ephraim Enterprise1919-01-183Utah Legislature Now in Sessionarticle
681 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-212Relief Bill is Drawn to Aid Discharged Soldiersarticle
682 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-01-2510Compus at U Memorial Sitearticle
683 Utah Daily Chronicle1919-01-281Society Advocates 'U' Campus for Memorialarticle
684 Piute Chieftain1919-01-307Legislative Notesarticle
685 Davis County Clipper1919-01-313Legislative Notesarticle
686 Gunnison Gazette1919-01-317Legislative Notesarticle
687 Beaver County News1919-01-317Legislative Notesarticle
688 Millard County Progress Review1919-01-312Legislative Notesarticle
689 Ephraim Enterprise1919-02-017Legislative Notes.article
690 Emery County Progress1919-02-017page
691 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-047Six Legislators Chosen to Pick Memorial Sitearticle
692 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-049Committees on Memorial Namedarticle
693 Millard County Chronicle1919-02-066Legislative Notesarticle
694 Beaver County News1919-02-077Legislative Noesarticle
695 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-078Legislators Return after Brief Illnessarticle
696 Beaver Press1919-02-071Editors Eat at Salt Lakearticle
697 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-084Senate Denies Relief Asked for Firemendeath
698 Washington County News1919-02-131State Legislators Pay Dixie a Visitarticle
699 Salt Lake Tribune1919-02-1649page
700 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-1712Three L. D. S. Societies Plan Annual Ballarticle
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