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651 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-026C. C. Richards Named for Legislaturearticle
652 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-043Teachers of Utah Given Diplomasarticle
653 Bingham Bulletin1918-10-185advertisement
654 Bingham Bulletin1918-10-185page
655 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-2016First Army Listarticle
656 Beaver County News1918-10-251Liberty Loan Contributorsarticle
657 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-308advertisement
658 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-3010advertisement
659 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-319advertisement
660 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-3113advertisement
661 Salt Lake Tribune1918-11-0115advertisement
662 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-11-077Personnel of 1919 Legislaturearticle
663 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-11-1026War Mothers Pick Officers; Perfect Plansarticle
664 Piute Chieftain1918-11-147Democrats Win in State of Utaharticle
665 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-11-146First Army Listarticle
666 Beaver County News1918-11-157Democrats Win in State of Utaharticle
667 Grand Valley Times1918-11-157Democrats Win in State of Utaharticle
668 Richfield Reaper1918-11-169Democrats Win in State of Utaharticle
669 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-12-108Final Returns Indicate Upper House Bourbonarticle
670 Ogden Daily Standard1918-12-283C. C. Richards Guest at a Banquet in Salt Lakearticle
671 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-12-287Politicsarticle
672 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-0612Democrats Plan to Make Judiciary Nonpartisanarticle
673 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-131Utah Legislature Convenesarticle
674 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-01-151[Illegible] Plans [Illegible] Solonsarticle
675 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-156Senate Sets New Speed Recordarticle
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