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651 Milford News1940-11-288G.I.a Ladies Entertaindeath
652 Milford News1940-12-192Hitler Seeds way to end Misadventure of Mussolini Against Battling Greeks; Farm Group Asks New 'Parity' Loans; Lord Lothian, British Envoy, Diesdeath
653 Milford News1940-12-268But will Never Say Diedeath
654 Milford News1941-01-091Funeral Held for Ireeta A. Williamsdeath
655 Milford News1941-01-301Pioneer Resident Dies after Years of Local Activitydeath
656 Milford News1941-02-201Zone Lions, Ladies Meet at Milforddeath
657 Milford News1941-03-067Two Tragediesdeath
658 Milford News1941-03-133Watchful Waiting off Dutch East Indiesdeath
659 Milford News1941-03-134Grandma's Funeraldeath
660 Milford News1941-03-201Funeral in Levan for Mrs Rhoda Sherwooddeath
661 Milford News1941-03-203Buried Poems in Gravedeath
662 Milford News1941-05-011Veteran Editor is Taken by Deathdeath
663 Milford News1941-05-011Former Teacher Diesdeath
664 Milford News1941-05-221Young Mother is Taken by Deathdeath
665 Milford News1941-05-221Well Known Miner Diesdeath
666 Milford News1941-05-281Mrs. E. L. Allred Taken by Deathdeath
667 Milford News1941-06-123Drops Deaddeath
668 Milford News1941-06-191Transient Cafe Helper Dies of Heart Attackdeath
669 Milford News1941-07-031Aged Pioneer Dies at Minersvilledeath
670 Milford News1941-07-031Sulphurdale Miner Dies from Injuriesdeath
671 Milford News1941-07-031Funeral Services Held on Saturday for Oral Williamsdeath
672 Milford News1941-07-032Extending of Material Aid to Russia Posses Difficult Problem for British; U. S. Also Studies Soviet Aid Question; Early Reports on Fighting are Vaguedeath
673 Milford News1941-07-312U. S. Attitude toward Japan Changes with 'Drive to South' Viewed as Threat to Vital Supplies from East Indies; Soviet Discounts Air Raids on Moscowdeath
674 Milford News1941-08-282Death and Sleepdeath
675 Milford News1941-09-043Where One Died in Tornadodeath
651 - 675 of 1,171