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626 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-02-129Reception Marks 25th Anniversary of Wedding Dayarticle
627 Ogden Daily Standard1918-02-132"Veterans" Day is Observed at Provoarticle
628 Ogden Daily Standard1918-03-019Daughters in Their Annual Election of Officersarticle
629 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-03-102Graduates at University to Break Recordsarticle
630 Salt Lake Tribune1918-03-1051Party Frocks and Afternoon Gowns Designed and Made at Homearticle
631 Utah Daily Chronicle1918-03-181Graduates to Number Practically Normalarticle
632 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-03-243Matrons and Maids Visit Here Motifs for Many Smart Affairsarticle
633 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-03-2610Literature of Days of Old Discussed at Meetingarticle
634 Salt Lake Telegram1918-04-1110Pioneer Daughters of Utah Hold Meetarticle
635 Salt Lake Tribune1918-05-0553Societyarticle
636 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-05-156Big Library Will be Built at Ft Douglasarticle
637 Salt Lake Tribune1918-05-2649Events in Societyarticle
638 Salt Lake Telegram1918-06-0611Official Check Shows 670 Salt Lake Young Men Sign Names to U. S. New Draft Listarticle
639 Salt Lake Tribune1918-06-0949Service Flag to be Given D. A. R. Chaper at Luncheonarticle
640 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-06-134Amusementsarticle
641 Salt Lake Telegram1918-06-137The Stage Theatres the Screenarticle
642 Salt Lake Telegram1918-07-2015Buds from Philadelphiaarticle
643 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-08-0413Real Estate Transfersarticle
644 Salt Lake Telegram1918-08-3112Clubdom is Once More Resuscitatedarticle
645 Salt Lake Telegram1918-09-031These on Honor Rollarticle
646 Ogden Daily Standard1918-09-172War Casualtiesarticle
647 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-258Vigorous Contests Mark Democratic Primariesarticle
648 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-2938Old Soldiers Pay Honor to Senator Smootarticle
649 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-305Delegates to Democratic State, County and Legislative Conventionarticle
650 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-018War Casualtiesarticle
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